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Credit Suisse RavenPack Artificial Intelligence Sentiment (AIS) Index launches

First Published 27th October 2017

Credit Suisse collaborates with RavenPack to create quantitative investment strategies from news analyses leveraging RavenPack's artificial intelligence algorithms

New York - Credit Suisse has announced the launch of the Credit Suisse RavenPack Artificial Intelligence Sentiment (AIS) Index.

The AIS Index tracks the notional performance of an algorithmic US large-cap sector-rotation strategy, deploying big data analytics to make sector allocation decisions in a tradable and systematic way.

The strategy is based on sentiment scoring extracted from news data by RavenPack's artificial intelligence algorithms, and it represents Credit Suisse's entry into the field of big data-driven investment analysis. It is the bank's first quantitative investment strategy resulting from its collaboration with RavenPack.

"We are excited to be working with RavenPack to provide a quantitative approach to information gathering. The Index offers an innovative means to obtain exposure to asset allocations that are systematically selected by sophisticated data-driven analysis," says Elaine Sam, Head of Equity Derivative Sales for the Americas.