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EU announces blockchain study

First Published 13th November 2017

EU commission to launch study on opportunity and feasibility of a EU blockchain infrastructure

The European Commission is launching a study for 250.000€ to assess the opportunity and feasibility of a EU Blockchain Infrastructure.

The study will assess how blockchain technologies may help public authorities to deliver European services and implement policies in an optimised way. It will examine opportunity, benefits, and challenges of a range of options, including an enabling framework at EU level or an infrastructure supporting blockchain-based services.

The study aims to provide an understanding of what type or degree of intervention is more suited and on the opportunity, value added and conditions for a EU action. The study will address how to dimension a EU blockchain infrastructure and which services could run on such infrastructure.

The overall objective is to create conducive environments for implementing more effective public policies, ease private sector engagement with the authorities, develope innovative ecosystems and applications, showe leadership and reinforce the competitive edge of Europe and its blockchain innovators at a global level.

The call for tenders will remain open until 19 January 2018.

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