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Vela launches Systematic Internaliser Data Hub, expands MiFID II solution suite

First Published 15th November 2017

Sun Trading among one of the first Systematic Internalisers in Vela's Data Hub providing access to MiFID II venues through a single API

London, New York, Chicago - Vela, the market access technology provider, has announced the launch of its Systematic Internaliser (SI) Data Hub, part of its MiFID II solution suite. Vela also confirms the addition of Sun Trading as part of its roll-out of new Systematic Internaliser venues.

Vela's SI Data Hub provides clients with access to multiple SI liquidity price feeds through a single normalised API, helping to address MiFID II concerns regarding best execution and liquidity fragmentation when it takes effect on 3 January 2018. The Vela SI Data Hub supports the SI Consolidated Book providing clients with a single, consolidated Best Bid Offer (BBO) view of multiple liquidity sources to support price discovery and aid best execution.

Based upon Vela's feed handler technology, the SI Data Hub combines a low latency, high performance solution with Vela's normalised market data model. Offered as a dedicated fully-managed solution in Equinix Slough, the SI Data Hub allows clients to receive their own bespoke, individual SI price feeds through a single connection. The SI Data Hub is also available as a software-only solution to run in-house for new deployments or as an addition to existing solutions. The SI Data Hub offering is complemented by Vela's SI Execution Platform which provides clients with a single, low latency order routing platform to multiple Systematic Internalisers.