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Eurex launches new FI hedging tools

First Published 16th November 2017

Following the introduction of corporate bond futures Eurex has announced options on fixed income ETFs. As of November 20, Eurex will offer options on three products:

  • iShares USD High Yield Corporate Bond ETF;
  • iShares J.P. Morgan USD Emerging Market Bond ETF; and
  • iShares USD Corporate Bond ETF.

"Fixed income ETFs offer an exchange traded source of liquidity for fixed income exposure to investors", said Lee Bartholomew, Head of Fixed Income & FX Product R&D at Eurex. "They allow for cost effective exposure to the corporate bond market. Furthermore, our new products provide investors with greater flexibility to hedge and manage their exposure to the fixed income, corporate and high yield bond markets."

Three large banks will provide liquidity for Eurex' options on fixed income ETFs.