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Simplitium launches new MiFID II transparency service

First Published 22nd November 2017

Simplitium introduces new service Facilitex to help trading venues meet transparency obligations under MiFID II

Simplitium's new service Facilitex was launched in November 2017 to enable Trading Venues to meet their regulatory needs in advance of MiFID II.

In accordance with MiFID II, Trading Venues are required to make current pre-trade information available to the public. This includes bid and offer prices, as well as the depth of trading interest at those prices depending on the trading model they support.

Venues are also subject to the post-trade reporting obligation which requires firms to report executed trades as close to real time as possible (within one minute for equities and fifteen minutes for non-equities). This must be accomplished in accordance with the type of trading system they operate and the requirements set out in Annex I of RTS 1 for Equity and RTS 2 for non-equity instruments.