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OANDA launches new education portal

First Published 27th November 2017

New York - Online multi-asset trading services provider, OANDA has launched a new trading education portal that features a range of educational resources, from videos and eBooks to webinars and events. The new program has been developed to guide visitors through their trading journey, and can be found at

OANDA's education portal features an improved user interface to help those who are new to trading or would like to learn the basics with explanations on how to open and close trades. The site talks traders through the various order types such as market, limit, take profit, stop loss and trailing stop loss orders, and teaches them how to read price charts so they can track and identify real-time pricing trends.

Intended to help traders know what - and when - to trade, OANDA's education portal also offers an introduction to fundamental and technical analysis, enabling clients to gather market information, understand the types of economic indicators to look for, and learn how to apply technical indicators in their trading strategy, all while managing their risk.