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Lime Brokerage futures algos now available on CQG platform

First Published 28th November 2017

Lime Brokerage partners with CQG to offer algorithms to CQG's Integrated Client customers

Chicago - Lime Brokerage, a Wedbush Company and a provider of technology and market access, has announced a partnership with CQG, a platform for integrated trade routing, global market data, and advanced technical analysis tools, to offer Lime's suite of futures algorithms on CQG's platform.

Lime's algorithmic execution and technology residing on the CQG platform places a suite of tools at the hands of futures traders to facilitate large orders. In addition to the algorithms, customers will have access to servicing by a team of experienced algorithmic trading specialists who will engage in building fully bespoke algorithms.

Mike Glista, Senior Vice President at CQG. "This integration gives CQG customers access to flexible and proven futures trading strategies without the need for custom development."

"This is a fantastic opportunity to provide quantitative strategies for the masses," said Rich Jablonski, CEO of Lime Brokerage and Executive Vice President of Wedbush Securities.