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Cboe launches non-deliverable FX forwards trading on Cboe SEF

First Published 11th December 2017

Cboe Global Markets has launched trading on Cboe SEF

Chicago - The Dodd-Frank regime, enforced by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, mandates that certain market participants trade swaps such as non-deliverable FX forwards (NDFs) on SEFs. Market participants can now trade NDFs on emerging markets currencies for the first time on proprietary Cboe technology.

Features of Cboe SEF include:

  • An anonymous central limit order book with firm all-to-all trading available to all Participants;
  • Configurable firm and non-firm streaming quotes for tailored liquidity needs;
  • Curated liquidity pools to meet Participants' execution criteria;
  • A network of Participants resting passive liquidity and a distribution network for Market Makers;
  • Pre-trade Net Open Position (NOP) credit checks and real-time risk management.