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Deutsche Boerse: MiFID II presents issuers with challenges in research

First Published 14th December 2017

Joint paper by Deutsche Börse and a number of associations informs about impact / Regulatory changes particularly affect small and medium-sized enterprises

When the EU Markets in Financial Instruments Directive MiFID II enters into force on 3 January 2018, the rules on the provision of research services will fundamentally change. In addition to banks and investors, this particularly affects listed companies. In order to continue to attract the necessary attention on the capital market in the future, smaller issuers in particular will need to act.

This is the conclusion of a paper that Deutsche Börse AG presented jointly with the German Investment Funds Association (BVI), the German Share Institute (DAI), the German Investor Relations Association (DIRK) and the German Society of Investment Analysts and Asset Managers (DVFA).

Numerous market participants expect the new rules to significantly reduce the demand for research. Compared to today, issuers will have to undertake significantly more effort themselves to ensure that their securities are analysed. In addition, they will need to assure that the content of the analysis itself actually reaches investors by ensuring corporate access - i.e. contact between investors and issuers.

Although this will not have a noticeable impact for large companies, for small and medium-sized enterprises, building and maintaining personal relationships is expected to increase considerably in importance in the future for investor relations managers. Going forward, it will be necessary for them to purchase research to a greater extent. In addition, direct contact with investors, independently of contact set up by brokers, will play a greater role. The paper provides tips about what issuers should be aware of with regards to these matters.

Renata Bandov, Head of Listing at Deutsche Börse, said: "We already considered that smaller and medium-sized enterprises in particular will face challenges when we were developing our SME segment Scale. That is why we decided that all Scale issuers will receive mandatory research that we commission as the stock exchange. The reports ensure more transparency and visibility for investors."

Click here to download the paper: Executive Summary - Research & MiFID II