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Preqin: Hedge funds gain 0.40 per cent in November 2017

First Published 15th December 2017

The Preqin All-Strategies Hedge Fund benchmark generated incremental gains in November of 0.40%, making it the thirteenth consecutive month of positive returns

This has helped increase the year-to-date gure to 9.93%, cementing the expectation that it will be the best annual performance for hedge funds since 2013.

Equity strategies enjoyed continued success in November gaining 0.73% and helping to bring the year-to- date return to 13.01% . The strategy is currently on track to potentially doubling its 2016 returns ( +7.19% ).

JPY-denominated funds outperformed all other major currencies with a monthly return of 1.78% contributing to a year-to-date return of 12.98% . Comparatively, EUR funds performed poorly postive a loss of 0.54% in November, making it the poorest performing top-level currency in 2017 ( +4.52% ).

UCITS funds also struggled having posted a November return of -0.31% , the rst negative monthly return for the benchmark in 2017, which could interfere with the possibility of achieving their greatest annual return since 2009.

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