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DTCC's Exception Manager targets SSI pain points

First Published 10th January 2018

The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation's Exception Manager enables market participants to publish, manage and communicate exceptions

The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) has launched the DTCC Exception Manager to help manage exceptions throughout the trade lifecycle (An exception is a transaction that requires user attention to ensure successful settlement).

In a recent DTCC survey 78% of respondents pointed to missing or incomplete standing settlement instructions (SSIs) as the biggest pain point affecting post-trade processes while 80% considered faster resolution of exceptions a key factor in a T+2 settlement cycle environment.

DTCC Exception Manager establishes a central online platform that provides a single view of all post-trade exceptions, analytics to help identify the root cause of operational breaks, and the ability to solve problems at the source, such as SSIs. A configurable risk dashboard enables resolution between trade support and pre-settlement groups with communications functionality, audit trails and reports.

DTCC Exception Manager was created for all parties involved in the trade lifecycle, including buy-side firms, outsourcers, broker/dealers, custodians, prime brokers, clearing brokers and other settlement agents.