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Automated Trader Update: Darkness, Insomnia and Pain - what's going on in the market?

First Published 11th January 2018

Anyone with specific double volume caps concerns can relax a little this week as ESMA delayed publication of data until March. For more information on this topic we refer you once more to this article in Automated Trader: MiFID 2 double volume caps - the end of dark trading?

Accenture's London FinTech Innovation Lab said it aims to cure non-compliance insomnia by partnering financial firms with entrepreneurs to focus on regulation. And if it's post trade settlement that keeps you awake at night the DTCC's Exception Manager offers to target your SSI pain points.

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Ex-mergers and acquisitions lawyer Charles Randell is to replace John Griffith-Jones as Chair of the Financial Conduct Authority.

ESMA announced that new data is now available on its website following the launch of MiFID 2/MiFIR, the data will be continuously updated.

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