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Aquis Technologies creates new connectivity hub

First Published 17th January 2018

Aquis Technologies launches Aquis Market Gateway, its new connectivity hub for Systematic Internalisers

Aquis Market Gateway (AMG) enables Systematic Internalisers (SIs) and their Counterparties, such as brokers and vendors, to connect bilaterally via a normalised application programming interface (API) as required by new MiFID 2 stipulations.

Under MiFID 2, broker crossing networks have ceased to exist and new SIs are being created. There is growing demand amongst potential Counterparties to connect to these SIs.

Each SI has its own unique interface, so Counterparties wishing to connect with SIs would need to undertake specific bespoke infrastructure projects for each SI that they wish to connect to. The AMG, which uses bespoke technology from Aquis, can help to simplify this process by normalising access via the API.

Aquis Technologies has already made agreements with 10 firms to use the AMG.

Commenting on the AMG, Magnus Almqvist, Head of Technology Sales at Aquis, said: "The AMG significantly broadens the potential Counterparty universe for SIs and helps lower the barrier to entry for Counterparties wanting to interact with SIs."