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Barclays launches electronic trade advertisements for EMEA securities on Bloomberg

First Published 12th March 2013

Clients now able to view Barclays' cash and electronic trade flow for EMEA equities broken out on Bloomberg's IOIA and RANK screens

London - Barclays has announced the launch of near-real time electronic trade flow advertisements on Bloomberg for securities listed in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) markets. This follows the launch of electronic trade flow advertisements in the US in October 2012. The new functionality enables clients to view Barclays' trading activity in a desired EMEA- or US-listed security, not only in the aggregate but also broken out by high-touch and low-touch execution channels, throughout the trading day.

Flow from Barclays' electronic equities desk had previously been posted on a T+1 basis and incorporated into the high-touch volume after the close of trading. Posting both volume figures on Bloomberg throughout the trading day allows clients to see a more accurate picture of Barclays' trading activity. The increased transparency enables clients to understand better where liquidity resides and to make more effective decisions about broker selection and order routing.

"Following the successful launch of electronic trade flow advertisements in the US in 2012, we are now launching this functionality in EMEA," said Eric Krueger, Head of Programme and Electronic Sales, EMEA. "Increasing transparency around trade flows is another way that we are addressing our clients' need for efficient liquidity discovery."

"In a low volume and fragmented market, clients are looking for greater transparency and increased likelihood of execution. Our ongoing commitment to initiatives like trade adverts helps clients achieve these investment objectives," said Nej D'jelal, Head of Electronic Trading Product, EMEA.

Client participation in the new functionality is entirely optional - clients can choose to opt out of having their executions displayed. However, clients who opt in may improve the likelihood of attracting counterparty flow for symbols they are trading through Barclays. Executions from Barclays' electronic trading desk are posted to Bloomberg's IOIA and RANK screens. When users drill down from the Barclays acronym "BARC," the electronic volume will be identified by the acronym "BCET" and the high-touch cash volume will be identified by "BCAP."