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Lime acquires Cactus

First Published 11th October 2011

Lime Brokerage acquires Cactus Trading Systems; opens office in Chicago

Wedbush Company; Lime Brokerage has announced that it has acquired all of the assets of Cactus Trading System.

By integrating Cactus technology, Lime aims to enable traders and quants to express their trading strategies in code, use the same code to back-test their strategies against historical data, simulate trading against live data, and then move to production trading. Cactus enables this process by providing an intuitive event-based programming interface for handling market data which takes responsibility for all the common calculations that a trader would need.

"We are committed to investing in and developing the Lime infrastructure so that clients can focus on trading and leave the technology to us. By integrating Cactus technology, Lime will now have an end-to-end solution that enables traders to develop and implement electronic trading strategies with as much ease and efficiency as possible." said Jeff Bell, CEO of Lime. "This acquisition also provides Lime with a new office in Chicago, an increased presence near the futures and options markets, and a platform to showcase our best-in-class options execution system."

Joe Signorelli, CEO of Cactus Trading, adds, "Lime and Cactus share a common commitment to high performance trading solutions, and to quality customer service. We are very excited to be part of Lime and Wedbush, and are looking forward to a joint future together." Cactus' Joe Signorelli and David Don will become Managing Directors at Lime Brokerage.