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StreamBase to deliver CEP platform to Hithink in China

First Published 9th April 2013

Chinese financial information services provider will deploy StreamBase to deliver event-based trading applications tailored to the Chinese market

Mark Palmer, CEO, StreamBase

Mark Palmer, CEO, StreamBase

"The window of opportunity for trading leadership in China is wide open, and the firms that move fastest will be the big winners."

New York - StreamBase Systems has announced a partnership with Zhejiang Hithink Flush Information Network a financial information services provider in China. Hithink will use StreamBase to build a range of trading products for the Chinese market and will also sell and support StreamBase development platform, connectivity and real-time visualization tools.

Electronic trading is rapidly expanding in China, and Hithink will use StreamBase platform to improve their existing infrastructure and develop new high performance trading applications such as algorithmic trading, transaction cost analysis, and market data management that make use of key CEP features such as aggregation, correlation and temporal analytics.

"We are excited to partner with StreamBase and eager to introduce CEP technology and a suite of innovative products to the Chinese trading community," said Huang Yi, Associate Director of Business Development at Hithink. "The financial industry in China has evolved rapidly and as our clients become more sophisticated in electronic trading we see great opportunity for CEP-powered applications."

"The window of opportunity for trading leadership in China is wide open, and the firms that move fastest will be the big winners," said Mark Palmer, CEO of StreamBase. "StreamBase allows firms to have a view of trading activity at their fingertips immediately, without having to wait for reports and analysis that's an hour or two old that come from tools designed to look at historical data. StreamBase provides the tools that can provide a live, continuous view of trading, and our partner Hithink can provide the business and trading acumen to apply those tools based on their long history of success in the financial markets in China. We're thrilled to announce our partnership to help our Chinese clients achieve their trading goals."