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Celoxica adds FX and fixed income to FPGA solution

First Published 6th March 2012

Celoxica adds FX and fixed income asset class coverage to its hardware accelerated trading solutions

Lee Staines, President, Celoxica

Lee Staines, President, Celoxica

"We remain committed to providing our clients with a measureable competitive advantage."

New York - Celoxica, the provider of hardware accelerated low-latency, low-footprint, market data, order execution and pre-trade risk management solutions for automated trading, has announced the addition of fixed income and foreign exchange (forex) asset class coverage to its Generalized Market Accelerator (GMAC) market data feed handler and Generalized Exchange Access (GXA) order entry technologies.

Celoxica's GMAC and GXA solutions are engineered to optimize inbound market data and outbound execution speed through the use of FPGA card technology. Both solutions also provide asset class coverage across the equities, options and futures markets.

Celoxica clients can take GMAC and GXA as stand-alone technologies or as part of Celoxica's ContainerTM solution offering hardware accelerated market data and order entry on a single server.

"High frequency trading strategies have come to dominate the equities and futures markets over the last few years, and we are delighted to have helped our clients achieve a competitive trading edge through smarter engineering of market data and execution technologies," said Lee Staines, President at Celoxica. "The forex and fixed income markets are the new frontier for high frequency traders, and we remain committed to providing our clients with a measureable competitive advantage as they move their strategies into these asset classes."

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