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Wall Street Horizon launches Real-Time Earnings Date Monitor

First Published 13th March 2012

Delivers machine-readable data for trading and risk

Boston, MA - Wall Street Horizon, the provider of corporate earnings and events calendar data, has announced the public release of Real-Time Earnings Date Monitor (EDM). EDM is a low-latency, fully elementized feed of announced corporate earnings release dates that can impact volatility and prices.

Knowing when a company is scheduled to release earnings is critical to institutional traders and market makers for algorithmic trading, quantitative analysis and risk management. EDM automatically tracks press releases from thousands of companies across the major wires, parses text into structured data for release dates and timing, and checks Wall Street Horizon's historical data to flag if it is a new date or a date change.

"Whether firms trade on volatility or try to avoid it, they need to know exactly when a public company will release their next earnings report," said Barry L. Star, Managing Director of Wall Street Horizon. "Automated traders and market makers need to be on top of new data as soon as it becomes available to the market. EDM delivers this for earnings dates in a way that is timely, accurate and cost effective."

EDM augments Wall Street Horizon's Real-Time Dividends Monitor which is a low-latency elementized feed of announced dividend dates, amounts and changes. The company also provides the industry's most reliable data on earnings calendars, earnings actuals, dividend and split calendars, IPOs, shareholder and board meetings, analyst days and investor conferences.