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Actant announces strategic partnership with Sailfish Systems

First Published 28th May 2012

Actant and Sailfish Systems deliver high-speed access to new CBOE and PHLX data centers

Rob Prior, CEO, Actant Inc.

Rob Prior, CEO, Actant Inc.

"Low infrastructure costs are critical given the challenges of today's trading environments."

London - Actant has announced a partnership with Sailfish Systems to deliver an integrated trading solution that offers high-frequency traders and market- makers direct access to a derivatives trading platform on a low latency infrastructure.

Sailfish will provide current and new Actant users 10GB access to the server equipment located at both "NY4", the new CBOE facility in Secaucus, NJ; and Carteret, NJ, home of the PHLX data center.

Rob Prior, CEO of Actant said, "Actant trading solutions coupled with Sailfish hosting technologies is a formidable combination. Low infrastructure costs are critical given the challenges of today's trading environments. Sailfish helps by delivering a cost effective high specification hosting solution tailor made for our clients, be they market makers maintaining quote obligations with our Quote solution or prop traders enjoying the benefits offered by our ExStream programmable trading solution."

Fred Ling, CTO of Sailfish Systems said, "In today's arm race to be the fastest high frequency trading firm, too many companies find it difficult to bear the enormous financial burden of the massive technology investment required to stay competitive. Our mission is to bring the edge back to these customers by providing the fastest, most robust technology solutions available at a reasonable cost." CTO Ling adds, "Sailfish is excited to partner with a firm as tenured and respected as Actant, a firm that has continually led the industry in trading technology solutions for market making, connectivity and derivatives trading in general."