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CFN completes metro connectivity solutions for HFQ

First Published 25th February 2010

CFN Services announces completion of Metro Toronto, NY/NJ and London execution venue connectivity

Sebastian Yoon, VP of Product Development, CFN: "We are pleased to have completed the metro areas of NY/NJ, Toronto and London."

CFN Services, the low latency and infrastructure optimization provider, has announced the completion of extreme low latency metro networking solutions optimized specifically for high frequency trading throughout the New York/New Jersey, Toronto and London financial markets.

The flexibility of CFN's managed network aims to enable firms to adapt quickly to changes as execution venues and matching engines move and the landscape continues to evolve. Firms can now choose either to proximity host at a new venue collocation facility, or central proximity host and employ the metro connectivity solutions offered by CFN to maintain the lowest latency, without incurring major network conversions involved in data center moves.

As a custom fiber network provider, CFN says that it can offer financial firms the ability to lower their latency for their exchange connectivity; and provide network optimization services to help improve the efficiency, and economics of their global network to support current operations and scale for future growth. CFN partners with enterprise customers, such as financial services firms, to provide network planning, design and optimization services along with fully managed network solutions.

Sebastian Yoon, VP of Product Development, states, "We are pleased to have completed the metro areas of NY/NJ, Toronto and London. This provides us the ability to ensure that our customers are poised to increase their trading execution success at the major venues in the World. This just further exemplifies CFN Services' commitment to the financial services market."