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OptionsXpress selects ACTIV MPU

First Published 5th May 2010

OptionsXpress to upgrade to ACTIV's Market Data Processing Unit

ACTIV Financial has announced that OptionsXpress will be upgrading to its ACTIV Market Data Processing Unit (MPU) and aims to accelerate low-latency exchange feed processing and enhance throughput and performance.

ACTIV MPU combines market data content and technology in a single FPGA-driven service offering. The solution is intended to provide OptionsXpress with a robust, scalable ticker plant to manage data volumes, rein in out-of-control hardware costs and prevent service degradation.

"OptionsXpress' customers - everyday investors who demand professional tools and trading technology - directly benefit from our innovation focused partnership with ACTIV. It provides a combination of high-quality, low-latency market data content and technologies," said Benjamin Stein, EVP of technology at OptionsXpress. "ACTIV MPU keeps us ahead of escalating market data message rates and delivers significant latency and performance benefits."

"We recognized early on that the explosion in market data message rates would overwhelm many of the technologies on the market," said Mike Dunne, co-founder and CTO, ACTIV Financial. "From the beginning, we architected our software to capitalize on the latest technologies, including hardware acceleration, so we can provide the most innovative trading solutions and lowest possible latency."