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Spread Networks reduces latency of low latency wave service

First Published 28th March 2011

New York to Chicago round-trip in under 14.75 Milliseconds

Spread Networks has announced that it has improved the latency of its low latency Ethernet wave service between Chicago, IL and all endpoints in New Jersey. The current SLA clocks at 15.75 milliseconds roundtrip, but Spread Networks is lowering the SLA to 14.75 milliseconds, with measured performance of 14.6 milliseconds.

The new SLA is effective today and is said to be the lowest latency of any available network service between New Jersey and Chicago, excluding Spread Network's own dark fiber service. The latency is identical from Chicago to all four of Spread's New Jersey endpoints.

"Spread Networks is committed to continuous improvement of our products and services," said David Barksdale,CEO of Spread Networks. "While our wavelength service was already the fastest in the market, by reducing the latency of this service even further, we have demonstrated that commitment. The only other service of any kind that is faster than our low latency wavelength service is Spread Networks' own dark fiber network service."