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Celoxica launches single-server Container™

First Published 12th September 2011

Celoxica announces single-server CME/ICE and LIFFE/EUREX Container™ for HFT

Celoxica has announced the launch of its hardware accelerated, fully optimized single-server Container™ solution for firms executing high-frequency trading strategies on futures exchanges.

The Container's hardware accelerated market data and order execution products are intended to enable firms who collocate or proximity host, to eliminate unnecessary network hops and processing by offloading onto FPGA cards designed to optimize inbound market data and outbound execution speed. The Container's compact, single-server design can also reduce trading latency and the total cost of running the strategy by reducing the data center footprint required for executing the strategy.

"In the era of trading colocation, physical distance, processing speed, determinism and throughput capacity have been the top priorities," said Lee Staines, President at Celoxica. "Celoxica's hardware accelerated Container model further optimizes the trading process by eliminating latency due to suboptimal technology engineering. The result is a fully integrated, all-in-one single-server environment for market data and trade execution, which eliminates architectural latencies and reduces the data center footprint needed to run futures-based trading strategies."