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7ticks launches low-latency connectivity and proximity hosting services for BGC Products

First Published 16th July 2009

7ticks to launch direct access, network management, and proximity hosting services within BGC's New Jersey data center

7ticks, LLC and BGC Partners, Inc. have announced that 7ticks has launched direct access, network management, and proximity hosting services within BGC's Rochelle Park, New Jersey data center. 7ticks' presence at BGC's data center is intended to facilitate low latency access and enhanced connectivity services to BGC's proprietary trading platform for fixed income, futures, and derivative instruments.

For qualified BGCantor Market Data subscribers, 7ticks states that it will now be able to provide network access across the entire 7ticks network for US Treasuries and ELX Futures products. 7ticks will be able to provide connectivity to major liquidity destinations such as Chicago, New York, New Jersey, London, and Frankfurt.

"For algo traders, and those wanting to trade more complex strategies, latency is a key consideration. By working with the 7ticks team to provide co-location and networking services to our clients and preferred vendors, we are offering our customers the ability to implement ultra-fast CEP solutions for our electronically traded products," said Robert Brown, Global Head of eBusiness Integration, BGC Partners."

"7ticks is extremely pleased to be working with the BGC team. Together, we have simplified the complexity and cost associated with the performance trading goals of efficient global market data delivery and order execution," said Joe Bigane, Managing Director of 7ticks. "Our clients are always looking for ways to shave milliseconds off their trades while controlling infrastructure costs. Today's announcement is another example of our rapid expansion to meet the growing demand for these electronic trading services."