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Webinar: New Trading Opportunities in Commodity Markets

Bob Giffords moderates Automated Trader's webinar "New Trading Opportunities in Commodity Markets" with a panel including: Aaron Gill, Head of Business Development, NYSE Liffe; Tim Ferguson, Director, RTS Realtime Systems; and Andrew Chart, Head of PTG Sales, Newedge.

Over recent months and years, commodity markets have been through something of a process of re-invention. Gone are the days of peculiar trading hours and exclusively open outcry markets where trading was dominated by a handful of 'in-the-know' locals. Today's commodity markets have adapted to the demands of the modern trader, and what's more, they trend, have a low correlation to equity and bond markets and are increasingly seen by many asset managers as a highly effective portfolio diversifier. Add to that, commodity markets are global, there are interesting cross market correlations, and the growth of co-location/proximity services combined with low latency data feeds and trading solutions have created a wealth of opportunities for both inter- and cross-market arbitrage.

That doesn't mean though that there aren't some peculiarities you'll want to be aware of if you're thinking of incorporating commodities into your trading strategy. Listen to recording of our panel of industry experts as they discuss topics including:

  • Background and fundamental drivers - what to watch for and incorporate into your strategy.
  • Smarter, faster or both? Opportunities for the high frequency and arbitrage trader in commodities.
  • Co-location and proximity hosting.
  • Regulation - what's the role of the speculator in commodity markets and what are the rules?
  • Commodity Flash Crash. Could it happen? What are the safety-nets?

Click below to listen to the recording.