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Register for our free Silver package and in addition to receiving occasional copies of Automated Trader magazine, you'll get access to some extra online content, the opportunity to take part in and view the results of our soon to be released "Market Concensus" surveys, comment on selected articles, and enjoy a browsing experience free of the register/subscribe popup.

Get yourself ahead of the crowd!  Our Platinum subscription packages (1 Year - 2 Years) give you not only priority delivery of every copy of Automated Trader magazine, but you'll also have access to all of our archived material and get exclusive pre-publication online access to some of our magazine content.  For selected magazine articles Platinum subscribers also get extended content online.  In addition, you'll be able to create PDF's of magazine articles and access our digital magazine editions.  You'll also get unlimited keyword based email alerts and summaries. 

Automated Trader: Who can see what? Silver Platinum
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